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You design it , I'll make it.

You broke it, I'll fix it.

   Welcome! Come enjoy the peace I try to convey through making pottery. It all takes place as I gaze out over the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. The peace offered here is amazing and never disappointing. Wildlife is often near. An occasional eagle will fly by my window, cardinals will nest in my rosebush and a quiet fox crosses the road. I'm inspired and awed at God's creations.  



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My History

                     Most children make mud pies. I also made mud dishes as far back as I can remember.

                          (Take my word for it clay works better for the task.) 

At the age of 14 yrs. I lost my mother. Bewildered and sad I entered the 10th grade. I walked into ceramics class and found a spot to work out my pain...through the wedging of clay. Yes! The mud pie days were back!  My father realizing my passion, bought me my first kiln for graduation. All the pieces you see here have been fired in that kiln, as it is still my main kiln.

 Throughout college, I studied education and fine arts with a concentration on ceramics. I enjoyed teaching art, but always knew I wanted my own studio.

So, now my dream has been realized and my peace has been found. Each time I throw a pot, I pray the 29th Psalm, which my son picked out years ago "May the Lord give strength to His people:may the Lord bless His people with Peace!



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