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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

In a day and age when plastic is causing environmental damage, I felt compelled to design a kitchen solution. Peace of Pottery now offers leftover containers to replace the plastic ones. These are designed with refrigerator space in mind. Notice, in the photos below, the lid has no handle. The lack of a handle enables you to store the containers ,on top of one another, in the refrigerator,taking up as least amount of room as possible.

I have been using these pottery pieces for awhile now. The ease and durability of the pieces have made my busy life easier. The pieces can be microwaved, to heat up the left overs and used as a table serving dish.

I should note that each piece of pottery in my collection can be used as follows: You can mix your recipe in the piece,bake in it,serve in it, store in the piece and microwave the next day. Do the math, it saves you washing at least five different dishes! To me that is a winner....I don't want to waste time,water or energy washing more dishes than necessary! Cheers to your continued kitchen success!



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